MVMUA Rules of Membership

The Metropolitan VM Users Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization, established by VM users in association with IBM, to serve as an IBM users group. The purpose of MVMUA is to foster the exchange of VM technical information, to provide a common site for meeting other members of the VM community, and to generally complement those facilities provided by the larger data processing organizations.


A member installation is defined as an organizational entity at a single location (mailing address). To apply for membership, the installation must meet one of the following criteria:

Organizations with multiple locations may wish to have each location individually receive agendas, proceedings, mailings, etc. Each such location will be considered a discrete member installation and will be subject to individual membership fees.

Each installation is charged an annual membership fee. The amount of the fee shall be determined by the MVMUA officers, and shall remain constant for all dues collected being applied to a single calendar year. The current membership fee is $250/year. It entitles representatives of the member company to attend all 4 meetings. There is no limit to the number of representatives a member company can send. However, they must be employees of the company. Guests must be approved by either the President or Secretary prior to the meeting.

Any installation whose membership is lost for failure to adhere to MVMUA policies and wishes to apply for re-instatement, will be charged an application fee upon successful re-instatement. The amount of this fee may change at any time. Application fees are waived for new member installations.

As the MVMUA is based upon the exchange of ideas and information at our meetings, your participation is necessary. Each member installation is therefore required to send a representative to a minimum of one meeting per calendar year.

MVMUA meetings are to be used for purposes associated with the exchange of technical information and other MVMUA related matters. Commercial solicitation by members and guests is prohibited.

The use of the MVMUA membership list is restricted to the purpose of obtaining and/or exchanging VM related technical information, and to matters pertaining to the MVMUA. The list may not be used for the purposes of recruitment or solicitiation of business, nor may they be provided to non-MVMUA members.

A member installation may withdraw from the MVMUA at any time. However, no portion of paid membership fees which are applicable to the calendar year in which such withdrawal takes place shall be returned.

A member installation which does not adhere to MVMUA rules and policies shall be subject to loss of membership, as decided by the MVMUA officers. No reimbursement of fees paid for the calendar year in which such membership loss occurs shall be made. The installation may appeal the loss of membership to the MVMUA officers. If the appeal is successful, the installation shall be re-instated without any application fee.