Eric Schuler-Dalverny


My first exposure to the VM operating system was in 1980 while working for a time sharing company called Time Sharing Resources (TSR, Inc) as a computer operator. Eventually, I moved through the ranks to hold the position of Asst. Mgr. of Operations.

In my 20 years at Information Builders, I've had a wide range of responsibilities in all areas of system programming, disaster recovery, and product management. Initially, I was the Computer Operations Manger and later held the positions of VM Systems Programmer, Data Security Mgr, Disaster Recovery Mgr, Software Product Mgr, and FOCUS Track Mgr.

During my years in the VM Systems department, I became proficient in the area of disaster recovery and SFS administration, giving several presentations at the MVMUA and Tech Summit conferences on that subject. My backup and recovery procedures and programs were adopted by a key VM software company who recommended them to their customers.

In my current position as Senior Product Mgr/ FOCUS Track Mgr., I support our WEB390 server and FOCLOG (FOCUS usage) utility. In addition, I am the FOCUS Division's Technical Liaison with IBM.

I have been the Vice President of the Metropolitan VM User's Association (MVMUA) since 1998.