Secretary, William Munson

With 49 years of Data Processing experience, I have worked with Burroughs, NCR, Honeywell, GE, Magnuson, Hittachi, and IBM Computers, Strickly IBM for the last 25 years. I have worked with VSE, MVS, LINUX, and VM operating systems. I have been a Computer Operator, a VSE/VM/MVS Systems Programmer, a Performance and Capacity Planner, a Disaster Recovery Specialist, a Security Administrator, and a VSE/VM Instructor.

I am now the z/VM System Programmer at Brown Brothers Harriman & CO. in Jersey City, the oldest and largest private partnership bank in America.

I worked 15 months as a z/VM System Programmer at the State of New Jersey.
From 2004 to the end of 2006 I was an IBM Mainframe Consultant working for VM Resources LTD. with the State of New Jersey as my primary contract but also doing VSE and VM installs on behalf of VM Resources and Teaching the VM Resource developed z/VM Workshop to MVS system programmers. In the summer of 2004 I was interviewed for IBM SYSTEMS magazine about z/VM and LINUX and the user group MVMUA. The article was in the Sept/Oct 2004 issue.
I worked at Information Builders in New York City from 1998 to 2004 as a VM/MVS System Programmer, Security Administrator, and Disaster Recovery Specialist.
I moved to New Jersey in 1988 to go to work for ADP. I worked for ADP (Automatic Data Processing) in Roseland New Jersey from 1988 to 1990 as VSE System Programmer, I was part of a team that converted all 45 data centers running VSE to VSE/SP 2.1. In 1990 at ADP I moved to the VM Development Group and then ADP started participating in the VM/ESA Early Support Program after we had a brief go at VM/XA 2.1. ADP was in the ESP for all of the VM/ESA releases. In 1992 and 1993 IBM produced S/390 Technical Insight videos for Customer Information. ADP was highlighted for the VM/ESA 2.1 release and I was interviewed by IBM on our thoughts on VM/ESA 2.1. The tapes were released in 1993. I left ADP in 1998 when they were in the conversion from VSE to MVS.
Prior to that I was with Sterling Software Federal Systems Division and a VSE/VM Systems Programming consultant to DuPont in Wilmington Delaware, while at DuPont I gave VSE/SP 2.1. Instructional courses. I moved to Wilmington in 1986 from Dallas and worked for Sterling for 2 years.
My Dallas work history before moving was 3 years at Frozen Food Express running DOS/VSE and VM/370 on an IBM 4341 and then an IBM 3033, before that at MTECH (part of Mercantile Bank in Dallas) and DOS/VSE running on 3 Magnusson M80s, before that at Fitz and Floyd for 6 years and an IBM system 3, before that at Medical Information 2 years with an IBM 370/135 and 370/145 running DOS/360, before that at ACS (Affiliated Computer Systems) 2 years and HONEYWELL mainframes and software, and the start (1971) was Irving Bank and Trust for 2 years and a BURROUGHS 3500.

My volunteer activities include being a current Program/Project Officer of the LVM (Linux VM) Program at SHARE; Current President of MVMUA since 1999; Current Member of the Linux on System z Executive Advisory Customer Council; Current Member of CA Technologies VM Products Customer Advisory Board; Secretary of MVMUA from 1991 to 1999 and Capacity Planning Chairman for the VM Performance and Capacity Planning Project of the VM project at SHARE during the 1990s; Founding member of the NaSPa group SPONJ (System Programmers of New Jersey).
In 2002 I was invested as a companion of the Order of the Knights of VM by the VM Project at SHARE, my title is "Sir Bill, Earl of Tabasco". These honors are awarded at the VM Anniversary held every 5 years at SHARE.

I am a VM advocate of the first order!