MVMUA Meeting 97

MVMUA 97, November 10, 1997

NOTE: The starting time for the first session has changed to 10:00 AM in order to accomodate a conflict in room schedules.


     Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith
     World Financial Center, North Tower
     Meeting Room B; Third Floor
     250 Vesey St
     New York, NY 10281-1303

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This MVMUA covers a wide range of VM related subjects - from new VM/ESA features, to CMS Pipelines, to the latest word on the P/390. Two sessions ago IBM presented a session on the new VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2, but the VM labs have a fast development pace, and Richard Lewis will discuss VM/ESA V2R3's new features, and focus on the brand new Guest Coupling Support for Sysplex guests. Marty Zimelis of Sterling Software will provide a gentle introduction to intermediate level CMS Pipelines programming. For a special treat, IBM's Gary Eheman will discuss system management on the P/390; the PC platform that runs full VM systems. This will be a valuable (and diverse subjects!) MVMUA meeting, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Jeff Savit, President

Session Times and Abstracts

10:00 AM - Introduction to Multistream Pipes
Speaker: Marty Zimelis, Sterling Software

Multistream pipes are one of the most powerful and unique features of CMS Pipelines. Their use also represents one of the major stumbling blocks most people encounter in the learning process. ("Now where does that !#@!$% label go?!?") This presentation lays out a simple method for properly coding multistream pipes. Two examples of their use are developed during the session.

11:00 AM - VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3 Overview
Speaker: Richard Lewis, IBM

In October, IBM previewed the next release of VM/ESA (version 2 release 3), and outlined some of the exciting new function being added. This presentation will cover the new function being added to VM/ESA in Version 2 Release 3, highlighting IBM's continuing commitment to the VM/ESA platform.

1:00 PM - GAB - General Association Business
Chaired by: Jeff Savit (MLP)

The MVMUA Board of Directors will report on MVMUA activities and will entertain questions, suggestions, and comments from the members. Note: upcoming Board elections will be discussed at this session.

1:15 PM - P/390 Systems Management
Speaker: Gary Eheman, IBM

Systems management of PC Server S/390 (P/390) systems has a variety of areas that need care and feeding. This session will cover areas that need your attention (for example the RAID subsystem), and will rely heavily on NetFinity Manager to show you how you can manage and automate the more mundane but important aspects of maximizing the health and availability of your server platform. Optional use of a WEB browser on your workstation to communicate with NetFinity Manager as well as ideas for VM/ESA and other S/390 operating systems exploitation of NetFinity will also be shared.

2:30 PM - Stepping Into the Deep End - User-Written Stages
Speaker: Marty Zimelis, Sterling Software

Although the Piper has responded to, and even anticipated the requirements of the Pipelines user community by providing increased function with each release, there are still applications that cannot be implemented using the suite of built-in pipe stages. This presentation takes you down the first few steps into the "deep end" of Pipelines programming: user-written stages. We'll explore the basics of writing a stage, including how to read and write records, write Pipeline "macros," and detect the end-of-file condition.

3:50 PM - Guest Coupling Support
Speaker: Richard Lewis, IBM

VM has 25 years of experience providing leading-edge hypervisor support for guest operating systems. VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3.0 extends this unique capability with new guest support for Parallel Sysplex. OS/390 customers can now exploit the advantages of S/390 virtual machines in testing their Parallel Sysplex environments. This session discussed the Coupling Facility support required to run one or more OS/390 Parallel Sysplex environments on one VM/ESA image.

5:00 PM - Problem Roundtable
Chaired by: Martha McConaghy (MAR)

The roundtable offers a forum for members to ask questions and bring up problems pertaining to VM.


Marty Zimelis
Sterling Software

Gary Eheman
Richard F. Lewis