MVMUA Meeting 106

MVMUA 106, Oct. 30, 2000


     New York's Hotel Pennsylvania
     Zurich room on the 6th floor
     401 7th Avenue and 33rd Street
     Midtown Manhattan 212-736-5000
                   Metropolitan VM Users Association    106
                                October 30,2000
                   Hotel Pennsylvania  7th Ave. and 33rd St.
                     across the street from Penn Station
   The time will be from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
   Please take note of the NEW location for our meetings.
   8:30 AM     Continental Breakfast
   9:00 AM     Opening Session and Announcements
               Bill Munson
   9:15 AM     Want to measure Linux? - So Do I.....
                   This presentation is a look at technologies
               for the analysis of performance, capacity planning
               and SLA's.  Want to know why one vendor
               supports a new release at announce and
               another takes a year or more?
               Want to know how to evaluate a processor change?
               DASD changes?  Lots of good questions!
                   This presentation is Research In Progress
               that will hopefully wind up with the technology
               to measure Linux systems.  Techniques and technology
               will be presented for analyzing and solving
               problems in performance measurement, capacity planning,
               and service level agreements.
                   I invite you to share your experience
               to add to this hopefully interactive session.
               Barton Robinson - CBW - Velocity Software, Inc.
   10:30 AM    Break
   10:45 AM    How to manage LINUX
                    VM LinMan automates the management of LINUX
               virtual systems including tasks for creation, deletion,
               activation, deactivate of Linux virtual machines
               through a WEB interface.  The VM architecture of this
               product will be shown with a demo (live or canned).
               David Kreuter - President - of VM Resources LTD.
   12:00 noon     LUNCH break
    1:30 PM    Whats New in VM ?
               VM Platform Update
               It's a great time to be a mainframe user! We have an
               architecture that's the envy of the industry, with a
               growing set of solutions and opportunities to help your
               company achieve greater success in this e-business world.
               Come hear about the recently announced z/VM product and
               IBM's new line of zSeries servers. Hear some news about
               Linux on VM as well
               Reed A. Mullen
    2:30 PM    Break
    2:45 PM    Installing LINUX with SUSE
               At this meeting I plan on presenting the process to
               prepare and install Linux on VM/EAS as a 2nd level guest.
               Then I will do a live install of Linux on VM by using
               one of our VM systems in IBM Endicott via a phone connection.
               I will walk through the preparation steps that include:
               Setting up 3 minidisks, transferring Linux boot files to
               minidisk A , creating execs and VM user directory.
               Then I will install Linux from VM to demonstrate the
               following installation steps:
               Using VM reader to IPL the initial Linux Kernel with RAM disk and
               parm file; Connecting the initial Linux system to the network
               (TCPIP address will be needed in order to get the initial
                system on the network to continue the installation);
               Assigning and formatting DASD to the initial system;
               Using  "yaST",  SuSE installation tool,  to complete the
               install of Linux from an NFS mounted/exported CD.
               Tung-Sing Chong - IBM Endicott
    4:30 PM    Questions and Answers on any and all subjects.
               With this group someone always has a question
               and there is always an answer to be found.
    5:00 PM    thank you very much.
      PLEASE remember the NEW location.
      Bill Munson
      212-736-4433 ext 3298