MVMUA Meeting 102

MVMUA 102, Oct. 25, 1999


     Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith
     World Financial Center, North Tower
     Meeting Room B; Third Floor
     250 Vesey St
     New York, NY 10281-1303

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Spend a DAY inside the 'WEB' from the VM side with MVMUA

Session Times and Abstracts

9:00 AM - General Association Business
Chaired by: Bill Munson (IBI)

Refreshments and opening business

9:30 AM - Fast Web Serving on VM
Speaker: Barton Robinson - President - Velocity Software Inc.

Velocity Software is benchmarking internet applications and learning how to use measurement tools to understand internet applications. What have we learned?

10:45 AM - Introducing WEB390 for VM
Speaker: Mona Baker, Information Builders Inc.

This product is a full function HTTP/HTTPS server for VM that harnesses the power of the mainframe and provides access to legacy data and applications from a standard Web Browser. WEB390 exploits CMS multi-tasking capabilities, integrating communication tasks, control tasks, and CGI engine tasks. This structure enables secure and efficient processing of HTTP and 3270 data flow while providing full operator control of the server. As an added bonus we are hoping to have another MVMUA member company that has written an application for WEB390 to present there ideas.

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 PM - Using the RSK to Implement High Performance Servers
Speaker: David Kreuter, the Founder and President of VM Resources LTD.

Using the RSK to Implement High Performance VM/ESA Servers: David will focus on the Techniques and Methodologies used when designing and implementing very high performance and robust servers running on VM, using the new Reusable Server Kernel tool kit. Focusing on the actual design and coding methods commonly employed to develop an RSK based application, with code samples in both PL/X and Assembler. Examples of RSK techniques will be drawn from VM Resources' new VM/MailServer and VM/CoolMail products.

3:00 PM - Writing CGI's using Pipelines
Speaker: Will Roden Jr. - IBM Endicott

One of the VM community's 'Super Master Plumbers' will demonstrate PIPELINE techniques that can be used in a CGI to make changes to HTML templates. 3 examples of the many that Will can demonstrate are;

  1. the simple 1 line changed to 1 line.
  2. 1 line changed to several lines (select options)
  3. multiple lines replaced with several sets of multiple lines.
plus Will loves to answer your questions about 'PIPES' so bring em on and let one of the best solve your problems.

4:30 PM - Questions and Answers

Speaker Biographies:

David Kreuter is the founder and President of VM RESOURCES LTD. VM Resources provides VM and VSE consulting services and NEW set of VM E-BIZ software products. David is an internationally known technical expert on all of the VM operating system.