Metropolitan VM Users Association 120
April 19, 2004
Information Builders Corporate Headquarters
24th Floor - 2 Penn Plaza
7th Ave, and 32nd St.
New York City, New York
(Right above Penn Station)
The time will be from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
8:30 AMContinental Breakfast
9:00 AMMeeting Opening - Bill Munson


9:15 AMReed Mullen - IBM - z/VM update

What's New with z/VM V4.4 and Beyond? Catch the latest breaking news on z/VM product enhancements in this session. The value of z/VM for Linux on zSeries will receive particular attention. A look to the future of z/VM development will also be provided.

10:15 AMBreak
10:30 AMPhill Smith - LinuxCare - Best Practices for Deploying Linux on VM

While the deployment of Linux on z/VM is gaining momentum in enterprise data centers, unfamiliar or inexperienced Linux system administrators may be unaware of common mistakes or hazards that could potentially jeopardize a successful Linux on z/VM implementation. For example, tricks such as sharing or copying minidisks are tempting when considering how to manage dozens or hundreds of Linux instances, but these shortcuts frequently result in systems that are more difficult to manage. This session is aimed at VM system programmers who are either considering or already deploying multiple instances of Linux on VM and who need a manageable and dependable software stack in their environment.

11:30 AMLUNCH break

There are plenty of places for LUNCH close to IBI

1:00 PMPhill Smith - LinuxCare - "Help! My Penguin Is Sick!"

So you've gotten your Linux on the mainframe up and running, and perhaps even have some production Linux guests. But one of them isn't responding, or at least, someone says it isn't. What do you do now? How do you approach figuring out what might be wrong with it?
This session is designed for the VM system programmer or Linux administrator who must diagnose such problems on z/VM. It will define and understand ways Linux can get sick, show techniques to decide what is wrong, and discuss how to gather debugging information for your supporting vendor (if any), the application owner, or just because you think you should gather some information before recycling the guest!

2:00 PMBreak
2:15 PMJ D Ross - IBM - Documentation for z/VM

What do you need to deploy Linux on z/VM? What kind of information and tools do you want from IBM? Are there inhibitors to your success?
In this session we will tell you what we've been doing over the past year to address these issues, including developing a new publication, "Getting Started with Linux on zSeries." We'll also lead you through a structured brainstorming exercise where we can learn more from you.
Speakers: J.D. Ross Christopher Hastings Linda Jorgensen

3:15 PMBreak
3:30 PMChris Bishop - IBM - WebSphere Portal Server IBM Services Connection:

Creating Virtual Portals for Delivery of Services In 2004, customers expect an interactive relationship with suppliers and partners on the Web. They are not satisfied with simply being allowed to view marketing materials or conduct sales transactions. They want to have a view into various aspects of the relationship. And they want a simple mechanism for sharing feedback and confirming that it has been captured and will be acted upon. IBM Global Services has developed and deployed this kind of capability in a branded environment called the "IBM Services Connection".
It is based on WebSphere Portal Server and allows the creation of Virtual Portals with access to multiple portlets and secondary browser windows delivering services data. It provides access on the Web to internal tools and applications, as well as data and function provided by Business Partners and third party vendors. As a best practice, this capability enables interaction with post contract customers at an offering level, and masks the complexity of their relationship with the enterprise. There is great potential in the SMB space particularly, due to the ability to take resources and costs out of the equation, and allow customers more of a self service interaction.
Services Connection also provides a venue for the presentation of very targeted upsell and cross sell marketing messages. By mapping data captured about customers' environments to aspects of an offering portfolio, a company can publish marketing messages back to their customers that relate to specific identified issues.
This portal/portlet implementation drives Business Process Transformation strategy by providing customers with the ability to manage and modify their interaction with IBM based on business objectives. It is a compelling solution.

4:30 PMQuestions and Answers and the IBM give away's.
5:00 PMthank you very much.