MVMUA Meeting 95

Date: May 19, 1997

Location: Merrill Lynch, NYC
World Financial Center, South Tower

Please note: This meeting will take place in a different location within the World Financial Center. The meeting will be in the 4th floor auditorium, NOT in the normal meeting room. Here are the directions for locating the auditorium:

After crossing the bridge over the West Side Highway, Bear LEFT (SOUTH), and proceed to the Merrill Lynch South Tower entrance. This is located on the opposite side of the Winter Garden from our normal meeting place. There will be access card turnstyles and the guard-office. You will have to show your registration materials to the guards to be admitted. They will give you visitor's badges; please wear them throughout the day. Once through, proceed to the elevators to the fourth floor. Follow the signs to the auditorium.

Welcome to our spring MVMUA. We have exciting sessions on both core VM technology and open systems interoperability. We're presenting a user experience session on converting to VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2, and the latest in VM performance information. We also have a session on Java, and Sir Arty the Toolmaker presents on his latest experiences with new tools for system management and networking. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Jeff Savit, President

9:00 AM - GAB - General Association Business
Chaired by: Jeff Savit (MLP)

The MVMUA Board of Directors will report on MVMUA activities and will entertain questions, suggestions, and comments from the members.

9:30 AM - User experiences converting to VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2
Speaker: Phil Tully, Merrill Lynch

The speaker describes experiences converting a large VM/ESA system from VM/ESA Version 1 Release 2.1 to VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2. Conversion issues, compatibility, and performance implications (especially the new Minidisk Cache algorithms!) in a mixed CMS and guest environment will be discussed.

Coffee Break: 10:30 to 10:40AM

10:40 AM - VM/ESA Performance Update
Speaker: Bill Bitner, IBM Endicott

Come hear the latest on VM/ESA performance. The speaker will cover key performance changes and measurements results for the newest release of VM/ESA. Remember when Bill said "watch this space" on some items when VM/ESA Version 2 first came out? Well, this session will reveal what he was talking about. In addition, some of the other work from the VM Performance Evaluation team will be discussed: OV/VM measurements and master processor work.

1:00 PM - Intranet/Internet hodgepodge (and P/390 too!)
Speaker: Arty Ecock, City University of New York

Arty tells us his latest adventures creating and using VM Intranet/Internet, including LFS/ESA and LANRES for LAN access, TCP/IP line drivers on RSCS and PVM (especially RSCS's new LPR and LPD services), TCP/IP features like FAIX, DIG, NSLOOKUP, TRACERTE and REXEC. He also discusses AIX Connections and Samba, Web-based management of NT servers, Cisco routers and News servers. Arty also discusses servers written in REXX that help manage portions of his Intranet, and the RXSOCKETS now builtin to CMS 13 so everybody can build REXX socket applications. For those that like to work from home, Arty discusses dialup PPP services to Unix or NT RAS.

2:30 PM - An Introduction to Java
Speaker: Jeff Savit, Merrill Lynch

This session introduces the Java language and basic Java programming. One of the most exciting (and hyped) developments in computing has been the new Java language from Sun. Java is an object oriented language that can be downloaded with a web page to execute on your browser. Java makes it possible to deliver client-side web applications that can do real time computation, graphics and network applications. In addition to Java itself, the session will discuss NetRexx and the possibility of running Java on VM.

COFFEE BREAK: 3:30 to 3:40

3:40 PM - VM/ESA Data in Memory Techniques
Speaker: Bill Bitner, IBM Endicott

I went to buy a hammer the other day. I could not believe all the choices: claw, rubber, ball-peen, sledge. The sales clerk said "If you think this is bad, you should try choosing a VM data-in-memory technique for performance.". This session will outline the weak points and strong points of various DIM techniques available on VM/ESA so that you can pick the right tool for the right job. Techniques included are: minidisk cache, CMS file cache, saved segments, virtual disk in storage, and VM data spaces.

4:45 PM - Problem Roundtable
Chaired by: Martha McConaghy, Marist College

The roundtable offers a forum for members to ask questions and bring up problems pertaining to VM. Answers are often forthcoming from other members or the IBM MVMUA representatives.

Speaker Addresses:

Bill Bitner
IBM Endicott
Arty Ecock
City University of New York
Phil Tully
Merrill Lynch