MVMUA Meeting 88

Date: July 31, 1995
Location: Sheraton Universal City, Philadelphia

This year's annual Philadephia meeting will focus on the various connectivity options available on VM. The speakers are both respected VM Product developers from IBM Endicott, Maryrita Steinhour and John Roman.

9:00 AM - General Association Business

9:30 AM - VM/ESA New Release Highlights

Speaker: Maryrita Steinhour

Abstract: Heard about VM/ESA Version 2 Release 1.0? Want to know what's new? Or perhaps you haven't yet installed Release 2.1 or 2.2 and want to know why you should. This session will give an overview of the functions in the latest VM/ESA releases (as far back as the audience wishes to go :-) ) and field questions and comments about VM/ESA in general.

11:00 AM - ISFC: A small step in system administration, a giant leap in system flexibility

Speaker: John Roman, IBM

Abstract: ISFC (Inter-System Facility for Communications) is the high- performance follow-on to TSAF, VM's first distributed system mechanism. Learn about the benefits of ISFC, how get there from a single system or from a TSAF collection, and how it can ease your workload and guide you into the client/server future of VM. You'll also hear about the latest enhancements to ISFC.

1:00 PM - Alphabet Soup Too - Acronyms for a Distributed VM

Speaker: Maryrita Steinhour and John Roman, IBM

Abstract: Want to share resources among VM systems? Feeling like a wallflower? Want to mingle with other VM systems and join the world of interoperability? Wait no longer! VM can do all of this today! Come and learn as the mysteries of ISFC, TSAF, AVS, TCP/IP, IUCV, APPC, VMCF, RSCS and PVM are revealed. This presentation describes the various communication facilities available on VM today, discusses their strengths and weaknesses, and describes how they can work to make VM a distributed environment.

3:30 PM - Distributed and Parallel VM Systems

Speaker: Maryrita Steinhour, IBM

Abstract: Trying to reduce administrative overhead? Want to augment your processing power without incurring the expense of duplicate servers? Want to know how VM ties into the client/server environment and the CMOS parallel processors? This presentation will give an overview of the ways VM images can be tied together today, and discuss possible future enhancements to make a distributed VM environment more workable.