MVMUA Meeting 138

MVMUA 138, July 1st, 2009

                 Metropolitan VM Users Association    138
WEDNESDAY                                                      WEDNESDAY
                            July 1, 2009
                           Marist College
                          3399 North Road 
                     Donnelly Hall - LINUX Lab 
                      Poughkeepsie, New York
8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast - provided by Marist College
9:30 AM   Meeting Opening  -  Bill Munson  -  Brown Brothers Harriman & CO.
9:45 AM   Mike MacIsaac - IBM - z/VM and LINUX Systems Management 
           Mike will give an overview of z/VM and Linux systems management
	     solutions considering the open source, vendor-supplied, and 'roll-
	     your-own' approaches. He will classify products by the aspects of
 	     systems that they address such as network management, overall systems
 	     management, patch management, provisioning management, etc. Mike will
 	     also address a broad survey of z/VM and Linux systems management. For
 	     a more technical discussion, Mike will describe, and hopefully demo,
 	     a "read-only-root" Linux solution based on a paper written in 2007,
 	     that's in the process of being updated.    
10:45 AM      Coffee Break
11:00 AM   David Boyes - SineNomine -  A simple VPN appliance for LINUX 
12:00 AM      LUNCH Break  -  provided by MARIST College
1:00 PM       Jin VanStee - IBM - Achieving High Availability on LINUX for System z with Linux - HA Release 2 
                       Ever wonder how you can provide high availability to your Linux® on System z®
    	           guests without adding extra cost to your business? Are you just starting out with
  	           Linux on the Mainframe and exploring HA solutions for the platform? As Linux on
 	           System z becomes more prevalent and mainstream in the industry, the need for it to
 	           deliver higher levels of availability is also increasing. The High Availability Linux
 	           (also known as Linux-HA) project provides high availability functions for Linux
 	           through an open development community. This presentation is based on the IBM
 	           Redbook with the same name and discusses: 
		- Linux-HA architecture and concepts
		- Linux-HA installation, setup and troubleshooting
		- Special considerations using Linux-HA on Linux for System z: including
		  discussions on virtualization, cluster communication options, and fencing options
 		  on System z (i.e. snIPL)
		- Linux-HA usage scenarios: Apache, OCFS2 (Oracle Clustered File System), NFS,
 		  DNS, DB2 and DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device).
		- How customers today are using Linux-HA in their environment
2:00 PM       Coffee Break 
2:15 PM   John Sawyer - SecureAgent - Secure Data Solution 
          The Secure Data Solution® (SDS) is a patented and patent-pending
	    virtual tape system and remote vault that allows an organization to
 	    efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape
 	    images. The SDS appears as tape units to attached computer systems;
 	    however, in actuality, the virtual tape images are compressed and
 	    encrypted files that permanently reside on the Secure Data Solution's
 	    disk arrays. As virtual tape images are being written to a local SDS,
 	    they can also be transmitted to other Secure Data Solutions installed
 	    at remote sites for disaster recovery purposes or to be shared by
 	    applications that can process these virtual tape images by computer
 	    systems that are connected to the SDS at the remote sites. The Secure
 	    Data Solution can save an organization the liability from the loss or
 	    theft of sensitive data by its inherent data encryption and by
  	    reducing off-site tape handling requirements.
	    If physical tapes are needed, they can be written at either local or
 	    remote sites using the optional IDG 9487™ Secure Tape Controller™.
	    The Secure Data Solution normally resides in a standard communications
 	    cabinet and requires few environmental resources. An organization can
 	    install a remote SDS at another office, a remote data center, a
  	    disaster recovery provider, or their vital records provider's
 	    facility. When the remote Secure Data Solution is connected to
 	    computer systems at the remote site, the virtual tape images are
 	    accessible by the remote computer systems to which it is attached. The
 	    entire Secure Data Solution environment (all sites) can be managed by
 	    a single operator console.
	    Unlike traditional tape, the Secure Data Solution allows a virtual
 	    tape image to be read concurrently by multiple processes (if the
 	    operating system allows the same volume serial to be read
 	    concurrently). Another system can also begin reading a volume as soon
 	    as a few blocks have been written, without having to wait for the tape
 	    write to complete.
	    Moving to the SDS from an existing environment is easily accomplished
 	    using a proven two-phase migration strategy.
3:15 PM        Coffee Break
3:30 PM      Chris Hastings - IBM - z/VM Information Center Web site. 
           Information Centers, HTML-based Web sites, are the strategic
	     direction for IBM product information. z/VM has provided its
  	     information center for two releases and will continue to improve this
 	     form of information delivery. Chris will explain the information
 	     center strategy and demonstrate how to navigate the z/VM Information
4:30 PM   Questions and Answers and the IBM giveaways
5:00 PM   thank you very much, and thanks to Marist College for everything.