MVMUA Meeting 135

MVMUA 135, October 21st, 2008

Location/Directions: Information Builders

                                Metropolitan VM Users Association 135
                                            October 21st, 2008
                                 Information Builders Corporate Headquarters
                                         27th Floor - 2 Penn Plaza
                                           7th Ave, and 32nd St.
                                          New York City, New York
                                        (Right above Penn Station) 
Note: You have to follow the security guidelines for Information Builders. 
9:00 AM Continental Breakfast - Provided by Information Builders 
9:30 AM Meeting Opening - Bill Munson - Brown Brothers Harriman & CO. 
9:45 AM Jeff Savit - SUN - OpenSolaris on z a User Experience 
OpenSolaris is an open source operating system and the basis of Sun's Solaris 
operating environment. OpenSolaris already runs on SPARC, Intel and AMD, and with 
this port also runs on System z. This session describes experiences with SNA's 
port of OpenSolaris to z, and compares to other OpenSolaris implementations. 
Jeff's presentation 3,626K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
10:45 AM Coffee Break 
11:00 AM Neale Ferguson - Sine Nomine - Open Solaris 
What was involved in getting Solaris running on System z? What does it take to 
make a new operating system available on System z? This presentation explores this. 
Come hear about the adventures in coding involved in bringing another popular OS 
to the System z platform. 
Neal's presentation 334K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
12:00 AM LUNCH Break 
Lunch will be provided by MVMUA 
1:00 PM Reed Mullen - IBM - z/VM Platform Update: Introducing z/VM 5.4 
Advancing the Art of Server Virtualization
This presentation will highlight the new functions available with z/VM V5.4, IBM's 
advanced server virtualization solution for IBM System z. z/VM V5.4, generally 
available since September 12, 2008, offers enhanced virtualization capabilities 
which include: dynamic memory upgrade, flexible specialty engine configuration 
support, and virtual server scalability enhancements. Find out how z/VM V5.4 can 
help clients further leverage their System z infrastructure for improved business results. 
Reed's presentation 1,394K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
2:00 PM Coffee Break 
2:15 PM David Kreuter - VM Resources - Experiences Using z/VM VSwitch 
This presentation shows how to define, use, configure and manage a z/VM VSWITCH. Examples 
are shown using z/VM 5.2, VM TCPIP stacks, and SLES8 and SLES9 Linux virtual machines. 
Failover and recovery strategies are covered. 
David's presentation 448K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
3:15 PM Coffee Break 
3:30 PM  Xenia Tkatschow - IBM - VMRM-CMM 
VMRM-CMM and CMMA are two different approaches to enhancing the management of memory in 
a z/VM system by the exchange of information between one or more Linux guests and CP. 
Performance improvements were observed when VMRM-CMM, CMMA, or the combination of 
VMRM-CMM and CMMA were enabled on the system. This presentation will cover the CMM 
performance results for a study completed by the z/VM Performance team. 
Xenia's presentation 366K 
You can download a viewer for Microsoft PowerPoint here 
4:30 PM Questions and Answers and the IBM give away's. 
5:00 PM Thank you very much, and thanks to Information Builders