MVMUA Meeting 134

MVMUA 134, July 16th, 2008

Location/Directions: Information Builders

                     Metropolitan VM Users Association 134 Wednesday Wednesday 
                                                   July 16th, 2008
                                                    Marist College
                                                   3399 North Road
                                             Donnelly Hall - room 237
                                              Poughkeepsie, New York
                                          Directions to Marist College
9:00 AM Continental Breakfast 
9:30 AM Meeting Opening - Bill Munson - Brown Brothers Harriman & CO. 
9:45 AM Romney White - IBM - New Features of the z/VM 5.3 Control Program 
The latest releases of z/VM include many enhancements to the z/VM Control 
Program. These include additional support for Linux guests, virtual networks, 
and guest connectivity, as well as technological enhancements for IBM System z 
servers. This session will describe the newest features of the z/VM Control 
Program and how to use them. 
Romney's presentation 6,839K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
10:45 AM Coffee Break 
11:00 AM Romney White - IBM - z/VM Live Guest Migration 
z/VM Live Guest Migration moves a running guest from one z/VM system to another 
with at most a brief interruption to its service. From the guest's perspective, 
nothing significant changes in its environment. This session describes z/VM's 
approach to creating this capability, explains the motivation for developing it, 
and includes a technology demonstration. 
Romney's presentation 954K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
12:00 PM LUNCH Break 
Lunch will be provided by MARIST College 
1:00 PM Sue Baloga - IBM - VMSES support, RSU and SDO delivery 
Were you aware that the z/VM operating system could be delivered electronically? 
We will look at the electronic deliverables for z/VM including methods for 
requesting them and what to do with them once they are received. We will also 
review the z/VM service philosophy and automation in VMSES/E for service tasks. 
There is no need for concern when you enter a restart record if you understand 
the data sources behind the automation. 
Sue's zVM Operating System eDelivery presentation 2,393K 
Sue's Service Automation and Electronic Service presentation 2,033K 
You can download a viewer for Microsoft PowerPoint here 
2:00 PM Coffee Break 
2:15 PM Dr. Klaus Goebel - IBM - z/VSE Systems Manager 
z/VSE Trends & Directions and Modernization Strategy 
This session focuses on the recent announcements in and around z/VSE V4. It covers 
z/VSE status, content, future strategy, interoperability, SOA solutions, as well 
as the benefits of an hybrid environment incorporating the best of z/VSE, z/VM, and 
Linux on System z. The presentation also reviews attractive new software pricing 
introduced exclusively for z/VSE V4 on IBM System z9 and z10 server technology. It 
includes examples of z9 EC and z9 BC customer success stories made possible by IBM's 
renewed emphasis on VM/VSE environments. 
Klaus's presentation 1,815K
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. 
3:45 PM Questions and Answers and the IBM give away's. 
4:00 PM thank you very much.