MVMUA Meeting 130

MVMUA 130, April 24th, 2007


                     Metropolitan VM Users Association    130
                                 April 24, 2007
                 Information Builders Corporate Headquarters
                          27th Floor - 2 Penn Plaza
                             7th Ave, and 32nd St.
                            New York City, New York
                          (Right above Penn Station)
    8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast
    9:00 AM   Meeting Opening  -  Bill Munson
    9:15 AM   Reed Mullen - IBM - z/VM Platform Update: Introducing z/VM V5.3
              Catch the latest breaking news on z/VM product enhancements. 
              This  session will provide you a high-level overview of the 
              new z/VM Version 5.3 product announcement. z/VM V5.3 offers 
              new, leading-edge virtualization capabilities and a pricing 
              model that will help enterprises more easily exploit the on  
              demand capabilities of IBM System z virtualization technology. 
   10:15 Am       Coffee Break
   10:30 AM   Shari Killion - MAINSTAR - Managing Multiple LINUX guests on z/VM 
              Read her article in the March/April issue of IBM Systems Magazine !
              When you run Linux as a guest of z/VM, the power and resources of the 
              mainframe are utilized as needed, so you don't have to purchase and 
              maintain separate dedicated hardware for each Linux server. Instead,  
              hundreds of thousands of instances can run on just one z/VM host. 
              Unfortunately, repeatedly creating, configuring and updating Linux 
              instances manually can be tedious and time consuming, and all too often, 
              those who are asked to perform these tasks are Linux staff with limited 
              z/VM experience or z/VM staff with limited Linux experience.
              With automated instance management, a non-Linux or non-z/VM expert can 
              easily create, configure, and maintain many virtual Linux instances under z/VM.
              You can also: 
              - Reduce management costs by eliminating physical footprints
              - Eliminate errors with accurate configuration of Linux instances
              - Centrally view and manage all Linux instances
              - Provide efficient and automated resource utilization
   11:30 AM       LUNCH Break
              Lunch will be provided by MVMUA
    1:00 PM   Bill Bitner - IBM - z/VM Performance Update
              While z/VM has an outstanding reputation for scaling and performance  
              management, performance enhancements continue to be added to the system.
              This presentation will review some of the improvements from z/VM 5.2.0, 
              some items added via the service stream since GA, and a sneak peek at 
              the kind of improvements planned for the future release, z/VM 5.3.0. 
              These topics will include memory management, PAV support, and additional 
              synergy with Linux guests. 
              A brief overview will also be given of the relationship between Performance 
              Toolkit for VM and OMEGAMON XE. 	
    2:00 PM       Coffee Break
    2:15 PM   Noreen Redden - IBI -  Overview of WebFOCUS Server
              Noreen Redden, with a little help from her friends, will give 
              an overview of WEBFOCUS.  We all know the power of the MainFrame.
              We'll demonstrate producing a report and delivering to our users
              via the web.  We'll also discuss distributing reports via email.
    3:15 PM       Coffee Break
    3:30 PM   Will Roden - IBM - Using and exploiting Secure Socket Layer
              SSL improvements for z/VM Version 5.3.
              Several interesting and useful additions were made to the SSL 
              server in 5.3. This presentation will discuss the enhancements 
              and put them into the context of the existing SSL server.
              We will also discuss how SMTP, FTP, and Telnet use the new 
    4:30 PM   Questions and Answers and the IBM give away's.
    5:00 PM   thank you very much.