MVMUA Meeting 121

MVMUA 121, October 18, 2004


                   Metropolitan VM Users Association    121
                               October 18, 2004
                 Information Builders Corporate Headquarters
                          24th Floor - 2 Penn Plaza
                             7th Ave, and 32nd St.
                            New York City, New York
                          (Right above Penn Station)
    8:30 AM        Continental Breakfast
    9:00 AM   Meeting Opening  -  Bill Munson
    9:15 AM   Jonathan Land - NYC - The SPAM Letters
                The book offers readers a brilliant and
              Entertaining collection of correspondences Jonathan
              Initiated with spammers across the globe.
              It is quite a fun read, and Jonathan is extremely witty.                       
              The book originated as a website,
              This book will be given away at the meeting.
    10:15 AM        Break
    10:30 AM  Reed Mullen - IBM - z/VM update
                 What's New with z/VM V5.1 and Beyond?
              Catch the latest breaking news on z/VM product
              enhancements in this session.
              The value of z/VM for Linux on zSeries will
              receive particular attention.
              A look to the future of z/VM development will
              also be provided.
    11:30 AM        LUNCH break
              There are plenty of places for LUNCH close to IBI
     1:00 PM  Connie Beuselinck - IBM - Connectivity Snap Shots
                 zSeries Connectivity Snapshots - EI, EI, O
              It's in the acronyms and they continue to grow and multiply.  This session
              will cover all of the connectivity options on the newest mainframe models.
              What are your options?  ESCON, FICON Express, Coupling Links, OSA-Express,
              PCI Cryptographic features, as well as ETR (External Time Reference).  What
              are the requirements as the technologies are refreshed?  We'll discuss all
              of the features that use I/O resources and complement the processing power
              of the zSeries with greatly increased I/O bandwidth and connectivity.
              Featured will be the I/O subsystem structure and the configuration
              flexibility.  We'll show you some spanned channel examples, too.
     2:00 PM        Break
     2:15 PM  Damian Osisek  -  IBM  -   
                  z/Architecture Overview and z/VM 64-bit Internals: 
              z/VM operates in an architectural mode, called 
              z/Architecture, that provides 64-bit real and virtual 
              addressing and arithmetic operations.  This presentation 
              gives a brief overview of the architecture, focusing on 
              the differences from its predecessor, ESA/390, and 
              explains how VM exploits z/Architecture to deliver new 
              features and functions.
     3:15 PM        Break
     3:30 PM   Dave Jones - Computer Associates - 
                   Using VM:Operator to Monitor Linux Guests
               For some sites, moving to Linux on the zSeries means adding VM to your
               enterprise. For others, it just means a new use for an existing
               platform. Through the use of your existing CA VM management tools, this
               session will discuss how you can leverage your existing VM:Operator
               product to assist you in administering and managing your Linux
     4:30 PM   Questions and Answers and the IBM give away's.
     5:00 PM   thank you very much.